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Course conditions, opinions and observations
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By BeauRoch
We will be back at Chili on Saturday and Sunday (Aug. 30th and 31st) to hopefully finish up the bulk of what doesn't get done this week by Mike Herzog and anybody else who shows up to help him.

Starting at 8am

Outside of some weed-whacking and an old tree on #9 the front nine is basically done.

Thanks Troy for the new fence on #4!

Thanks Zach for the help on both days this weekend and for sticking around even longer to help Tony with the OB stakes...and the cold ones after. :cheers:

Would also like to thank Dale Wurtz, John Walsh and Tim Campbell for coming out on Saturday morning and braving the skeeters to help out.

By zog9605
SO]o I got the pin raised up on 2, and dropped the knarly tree on 9. Cleaned up the tree on 4 near the bees nest....did not get stung, it looks much better. will start working down 911 on wed. CLeaning up the pines near the bottoms.
By mpieri
Bunch of broken car window glass in parking lot tonight (at least two windows smashed ). Glass everywhere. Must of happened today. Probably should let chili police know. Thanks.
By zog9605
Actually the glass was there monday when I raised the basket on two. Two different spots in the lot. Seems fishy. Keep an eye out.

Wanted to get out there this week but shit kept coming up so first thing Monday a.m. I will be out there to finish up anything that needs hauling, trimming etc. I know the lower boughs of 17 and 18 pines need some lovin...and maybe 13 some on the sides of fairway.
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By TCampbell
zacharyhoy wrote:There was a van broken into and a purse stolen last Sunday during middle of afternoon.

Police made report.

A tatic GROC used when cars were getting broken into at Tryon Park was to put up a trail cam (normally used by hunters). A nice picture was taken of a troubled youth breaking into a car. Anyone have a trail cam???
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