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Course conditions, opinions and observations
By alittletooquiet
Any plans to fix the nasty graffiti on the bench and/or tee on hole #5 at parma? I wish there was a way to prevent this vandalism :twisted:. its just so nice out there I wish i could fix it!
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By TCampbell
I usually just spray paint over it.
If you've played Basil and noticed a lot of black paint on trees, that's because some troubled person with a orange (or blue, can't remember) spray paint can decided to write the same word on every tree. The black paint covered it nicely.
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By reksav
Tim, we can't spray paint the entire bench and entire tee. That's crazy talk. Any other ideas out there other than rebuilding and repouring?
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By TCampbell
reksav wrote:Tim, we can't spray paint the entire bench and entire tee. That's crazy talk.

Why not???

FatKid wrote:I vote for the punch and learn method to prevent further acts of vandalism!

Gotta catch then in the act for that one. But definitely a good idea!!!
By Crash
Tim, we can't spray paint the entire bench and entire tee. That's crazy talk. Any other ideas out there other than rebuilding and repouring?

Sandpaper for the bench & refinish (im not sure if there finished)?

Isn't there graphitti removal chemicals that can be bought for the tee pad? Or some good 'ol fasion paint remover?
By MikeS
awesomesauce wrote:I say we get creative and make it look like a Santa holding two basketballs! Problem solved

By adammurray
Please humor me...

Does Parma Disc Golf Course belong to Town of Parma and/or VFW Post?

Has any one brought that to their attention yet?

If not, then reach out to them and see if they can do something about it.

If they are not responsible for Parma hole #5 graffiti, then make it look pretty.

So stop talk the talk, then start walk the walk.

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By Jerami
What a great idea! Please feel free to contact Parma to see what they can/will do about this, or even what they recommend as the best course of action. Members of the club will be more than willing to assist you after you have further details..

Walk the walk
By FishyMack
Graffiti is so immature. Adults that do so are idiots.

How does everyone like the signs I put up a couple of weeks ago? I know they have helped out people new to the course.

I have so far put up signs at Churchville, Sawyer Park, and now Parma. Hopefully this summer I will get to Chili and Basil.
By alittletooquiet
Sounds like a plan, I will check with the town to see what they say. Iam pretty sure they are supposed to clean up any offensive material asap. will be in contact with them soon and will let you guys know what the outcome is :D
By Tony Inzana
Thanks Alan for taking the time and initiative to get the signs up. Also thanks Shane for helping out with the graffiti issue.
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