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Course conditions, opinions and observations
By PL08
Kudos to everyone who out in the new course especially on a holiday weekend. Snuck away from the family to get a round in today and love the redesign.

Great work everyone!
By muniorbust
:clap: Course is better, thank you!!

I'm sure the tee signs will get corrected sometime, but if it is going to take any significant time, might I suggested some temporary corrections be made with a sharpie or tape?
Knowing the past course helps, but yesterday I chatted with some newcomers to the course and they had gotten "lost".
One example: I noticed hole 8 is messed up in that the sign shows the basket location being way left, but it's really straight ahead. Without knowing the course, it's easy to assume the basket you see straight ahead must be for different hole.
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By TBayer
I updated the preliminary map to reflect the actual layout. I used Google Maps Pedometer to determine the distances for each hole. If more precision is wanted, perhaps someone can get a surveyor's measuring wheel to accurately measure the distances and then I can update the numbers.

Here is the updated map.

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By myoung
Played the new design this morning.. Great job.. course plays very smoothly. Well worth the ride from the Buffalo area..
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By lcra0825
I played the redesign today and thought it was a definite improvement from the previous design not that the previous design was bad but this was better
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By TBayer
When I created the map for the redesigned course at Ellison, I used the Google pedometer to estimate the hole lengths. Yesterday I walked the course with a measuring wheel and got accurate measurements for each hole.

Since the initial redesign, hole #2 was moved. I have updated the map I created to incorporate accurate measurements for each hole and to reflect the new location for hole #2.

Here is the updated map as of August 3, 2014.

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