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Course conditions, opinions and observations
By Bryon
Granted I have been "out of the loop" the last few years but I do check this site once in a while and I saw that April 19th is a workday at Ellison regarding a redesign.

Anyone have any details on what is being planned?


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By reksav
4 basket locations and tees will be moved and the flow of the course will be changing. I think these will be huge improvements.
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By rhand
We voted on Jamie's proposal at a club meeting earlier this year and they were approved.

I recently met with Monroe County and they too approved. We will move forward with Jamie's plan on Sat 4/19. The course will open in this design to avoid confusion of trying to change this mid season. A new course map will be created and put up in the kiosk. Tee signs will also be re-established this year (details to come as we will look for hole sponsors).

If you can make it come out on 4/19 at 8am.

Thanks Jamie for your work on this. Glad to see you still involved.

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By TBayer

I followed Jamie's design and I created a new course map for Ellison. I created both a Map and a Satellite view.

I can modify the maps as needed.



By sjc1434
Some suggestions...

1. With regards to the play up the new #11, we could make staying inside the right tree (that divides new #11 fairway and new #12 fairway).

2. For the new #2, if it will be placed further up the hill, could we add a wooden wall structure on the bottom side similar to the box at basil to reward placed shots and punish riskier "ace runs"? I think a plus of the old shorter hole is the danger of the severely sloped green.

3. For the new woods holes (new #7, 8, 9) we could add some mandos to attempt to keep inter-fairway traffic to a minimum.

4. For new #8, #10, #12 will there be a new OB line to keep discs out of the terrace area? We could even tuck the pin for new #10 closer to woods line or in woods to "lure" people into going for it.

5. For new #6, you could add a mando to stay within the two big trees in the fairway to eliminate discs coming from #6 tree to the new #10 fairway.

Just some thoughts...also if you're wondering where the sudden love of mando's came from I just returned from a trip to play a bunch of courses in Charlotte, NC. Either way I am excited to see the changes and eager to support!

- Cramb
By Tony Inzana
Cramb, glad you enjoyed playing in NC. They have some incredible courses. If I may put in my two cents.... Mando's are quirky ---- I feel that they would only be needed if there was danger to others regarding crossing fairways, otherwise we should not intentionally use mandos on the course. Looking at the new design, I believe #8 is the old #15. I don't think we need to worry about OB lines over there as I don't feel that we will be invading the terrace area much. That being said, we will learn a lot about the course and any modifications once it is installed and starts getting played. I can't wait to see the redesign and I am sure that all are excited about this.
By sjc1434

Point well taken. I was just amazed at how certain mandos can drastically change a seemingly modest hole into quite an adventure after playing courses like nevin and charlotte's web.

I'm excited to see the new course as well and also very glad that the old#7 will still be intact for some massive drives off the top of the hill.

- Cramb
By Tony Inzana
both Nevin and Charlotte's Web are incredible, but brutal courses. :D Yes, we definitely needed to keep hole 7 as it's our signature hole on that course
By ElvishTrampStamp
To all who have input & are concerned as to when baskets will be in place; with more able bodies, the baskets will be in the ground sooner. That is all.
By Mudd Budd
Mr. Stamp always has something profound to say... just look at all of his posts. Unless he lost 6 discs during a snowstorm, he always shares his wisdom
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By rhand
Tomorrow is the redesign - 4 pins and 2 tees

We will also do some pruning and fine tuning of existing tees.

If all goes well the course will go in tomorrow. To make this happen we need your support though, so come out and help. If the course isn't in the ground after tomorrow, there is no one to blame, but the golfers that visit this forum and just choose not to come and do work.

Thanks and see everyone in the am.

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By reksav
Ellison is in and complete. We rocked the hell out of that redesign! Thanks to everyone that showed and lent a few hours this morning to make one of the best courses we have BETTER!
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By TBayer
Yes, Derek - thanks to all the folks that were able to lend a hand. It was a true team (club?) effort. Well done!

Jamie, the redesign is a wonderful upgrade. The flow of play is better. EVERYONE I spoke with liked the new layout and the new holes.

I would like to take this opportunity to thank all of you for working on my course. Y'all can feel free to show up and play whenever you want.
By Doug Corea
I believe the map is incorrect for the far corner holes, the new #7, old #14 is not on the map.

The new #8, old #15 has pin position moved down towards park road.

The brand new #9 runs back towards old #13's pin, old #14's tee. Very nice, slightly uphill hole with numerous options, including a high ceiling for ace runs (you big arms).

The brand new #10 is to old #8's pin position and requires a good, accurate pull for the deuce, but do not turn it over ( Beware of The Pit!). It plays up and over the rise. Map looks ok for this hole.

Played the course, after working. Course plays very well, with both the first tee and 18th pin close to the parking lot. The minor (mostly safety) issue is the tee for #18, your back is people on #17, and also hyzer throws will go over back of #17's green.

Special thanks to Jamie Moldt for a great redesign and kudos to the Father of Disc Golf in Rochester, Jim Palmeri , 1993 HOF first class, for coming out and risking life and limb (inside joke) working!

Disc-gracefully 304
By jmoldt
A big thanks to everyone who helped out with the course changes at Ellison on Saturday. You did an awesome job! I played the course on Sunday and the new holes and modifications exceeded my expectations.

Special thanks to Ryan Hand, Tim Bayer and Jim Palmeri for their feedback and guidance.

Thanks again.

Jamie Moldt
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