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Course conditions, opinions and observations
By FishyMack
I played this course twice. The first time I played it by myself and there was a problem with soccer on holes 1 and 4. The poison ivy in the woods is terrible. The second time I played with a friend and he lost 2 discs on a 9 hole course. I got a bad case of poison ivy while helping him look for his discs. I doubt I will ever play that course again.
By dhoock
What a year one its been at The Woodlands! The process of building and shaping a course has been great fun and I appreciate all the help I've received along the way. The course is continually improving and with that in mind, here are a few updates:

All of the hole signs are done, I just need to install the last 2. In fact, I will be out with concrete one of these weekends to put them all in for good. Next year, a map of each hole is planned.

Another definite is a kiosk with a course map by hole #1. That is also a 2014 project as well.

Bridges have been added at holes two and three. Fairways are being shaped, especially in the woods. I've also spoken to the town about doing a better job mowing #9 and the future #10 (spring 2014?). The town is VERY happy with the course and is willing to help in any way they can.

I do need someone with a chainsaw that might be willing to meet me out there to clear a few big trees that fell during a recent storm. Let me know if that sounds like something you might be willing to do.

We do have patches of poison ivy on the course. Twice I've been out spraying and cutting and it has diminished, but its not completely gone. Over time, as I've been assured has been the case at many courses in the area, we should be able to get rid of it.

I will say that the course is not "easy." However, as the novice player that I believe myself to be, I've played dozens of times and have never lost a disc. But if I do find one out there, I'll be sure to call!

Once again, thanks for all the help out there!
By t4stywh34t
My wife and I are moving to the outskirts of Gates in November, and I'm pumped to have a course that close. Currently we're in Avon, so I'm used to driving 15 minutes or so to play the 9-hole at Geneseo when I don't feel like driving up to the city. Sad that it'll be basically winter by the time we're there, but I'm excited for the Spring.
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By walker
Good to hear things are moving forward at this course, it has great potential. I think it will actually be a great winter course too.

Post when you'll be out there for work days. Now that I have a house I've finally acquired some tools (pole saw, hand saw, shovel, loppers) and I have a friend eager to use his chainsaw.
By MattF
Ive played this course a few times now and i like to play it solo actually. Something about it being shorter but having a hole that demands every type of shot is actually really nice to go and practice. Plus, this park is always empty unless there is a soccer league and makes for a good place to practice drives after 9. What im wondering is, is there anyway that you could fit another 9 holes throughout the woods that line the drive back to the park? it seems there is a substantial amount of land on either side (confirmed with google maps) and that it could make for a really nice full 18, sort of a mix between basil and parma, without disrupting any of the other field sports. This would obviously be a big project, but thats the type of thing im sure people would support and help with. Just my two cents.
By colin340
so when to play today, only to find that the whole park is closed.

Just so happened to run into the park manager or something. She wanted me to let everyone know the park will not be open for a week or maybe 2 weeks.


If your smart and have 2 crescent wrenches you can remove the locking chain in order to escape !!

i'm very interested to improve this park! AND BEAT THE POISON IVY!! i have a fair bit of man power on tap!!
By dhoock

Glad to hear your interested in helping out! I was out at the course yesterday to see what needs to be done to get it ready for the year. I'd gladly meet you out there sometime and we can get some work done. I really need someone with a chainsaw to help clear a few trees, but there is other work to be done as well.

As for the status of the park, I am going to let the Recreation Director at Gates know the park is in good condition and hope they open it soon. Until then, you can park at the end of the street. And I believe they will only lock you in after dark, but I know the lady that locks up and she will try to wait around as long as possible. oh, and down with poison ivy!
By Brownguy
Holes 1-4 qre great 5-9 are more risk than reward. need to have fair fairways. way tighter than Basil;
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