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Course conditions, opinions and observations
By chiefstang
Sweet! I can't wait to hyzer flip my Monarch into a Monarch!

I can't see the little guys disrupting the flight path too much...

That little old lady had better watch out, however.
By zog9605
The butterfly garden looks great. It is where the old practice basket was,, uh no practice basket. But, it does look awsome and is no where near the course. The town has dropped mulch on the big mounds on 911/ 13 and 18, and 12. The two wet spots need some fill to dry out the stank form decay.

Hey Dave or Ron, if you guys talk to Dave Lindsey at all, see if he can get mulch to more mounds(you guys know where) but also to those two low spots, between 4 and 5 by river and on the tee side of 6 down below. Skeeters love that crap.

Also Kirk, Crowley and I trimmed 9 a bunch and it would look great having some mulch under neath there too, just not on the snow-on-the-mountain ground cover. Its the variegated stuff.

ALSO FOR ANYONE THAT READS THIS.....WE need to weed whack that final weekend before the worlds to gang bang the Chili weeds and brush. It would be great if we had ten or more guys just buzzing down grass and weeds the weekend before. It will need it. I am going to continue trimming branches and try and get that silo painted. Johnny Flash , u got paint for a silo?

Oh and if Dave or Ron know if the town will chip all our cuttings, maybe we can reuse it on the mounds, eh? THe base on 12 could use some too, even around the basket there would be sweet.

THe course is playing great. just some touch up with mulch will really look great....oh crap almost forgot...

If anyone sees Ron Fodge, ask him if he is over seeing the hay bales that would look great on 13. Or a paper mache tree if he has one. Everyone agrees we need something there. The big round ones wound work, like one or two.

The list that never ends...trimming on 14 is over due south of the basket. Any one with loppers feel free to trim the lower boughs of pines there.

Also I am taking the dead tree on 18 tee down the next time I am out there... if anyone has a chain saw and wants to beat me to it, feel free. ALso get the crab apple growing into the pine between 14 and 17 greens. The pine is screaming to be rid of that crap.

Zog out!
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By BeauRoch
Chili is looking good. Mounds are really shaping up too.

Zog: I agree and we will have a weed whacking party sometime before worlds gets going.

Keep up the great work.

We also need to start thinking about a day to get the 10m circles in place so that all we need to do is touch them up the weekend before worlds.

By Dave Thomas
All I can say about the 10 metre circles is that it takes,at least 20-22 cans of spray paint to do 18 holes.....LOTS of $$$$$ per case(approx.$4/can).....Riga Recreation will donate the cost of these 2 cases, plus labor cost of rec. employees to do the job as their contribution to the 2011 AM Worlds....We will paint the week B4 and "touch up" the week of..........If we can secure mulch we will also absorb the labor costs to do each basket.......
By zog9605
URGENT: Hole 12 needs to be trimmed badly. the area behind the green needs the thin stragly branches cut with spines on them. There are tons. Any cuttings can be thrown deep into the woods. If any discs go too far in, they are out of luck. The edge also needs cutting back. I wanted to come tonight to work but am having a vertigo attack and hopefully with some sleep(nap) I will get out there before dark to work some, other wise I will be out there Sunday.

Also the mulch that has been moved onto some mounds by the awesome town crew can be pitch forked to cover better. Thanks to the town for doing this. Hopefully they will get more mulch onto the other mounds. But then we need to spread it then. Any little bit will help.
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By Jerami
More rock scaping done on 8 green today, and smashed out the back window of my truck cab! Ron Fidge was out there trimming and whacking along with a young lady he brought out. The town had a guy out there as well. We are getting there!
By DeafDiscGolfer
zog9605 wrote:....The butterfly garden looks great. It is where the old practice basket was,, uh no practice basket.....

I thought Ryan told me about two years ago that the practice basket will be moved to the corner area behind #10 fairway near the pavilion.

If that location plan was dropped due whatever reasons, then WHERE is the practice basket itself? Is it at the storage place or someone's place? Will it be placed somewhere on the course in the future?

I love those "around the world" bricks layout around the practice basket. :thumbup:
By tdub28
Just finished the last of the fencing at Chili. We installed 3 sections of split rail fence on #9. There are 2 sections on the right and 1 on the left.

Thanks to all that have been helping, the whole course looks incredible!

Troy Widden
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By Jerami
Troy, the fences look great! Thank you to you and your father, it is really appreciated, and I think it will make a big impact on our Worlds players, and everyone that continues to use Chili!
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By BeauRoch
I plan to be at Chili on Saturday morning to start weed whacking and other finishing touches. If anybody can make it over to put in a few hours it will be appreciated. This is pretty much the last weekend to put in some solid hours before the players start heading into town to practice.
Hope to see you out there.

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By Jerami
Went out to Chili today to finish the stone up to the post on 8 green. The town has really stepped up, and has done some great work with the chip. All of the help from everyone else out there has been great too! The course is looking great!
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