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Course conditions, opinions and observations
By Tmart
Sorry I have been absent from the forums since the end of last season. Does anyone from the parks dept. know about this course in Powder Mill idea? What section of Powder Mill are you guys interested in putting the course in?
By Dave Thomas
Sent an email to the City of Rochester and Monroe Co. via the website posted above. Hopefully,we'll get a course at either Powder Mill or Greece Canal.......dt
By gator
Its in the works, I submitted a map of the course to the powers that be for the County. We're waiting to set up a time to walk the layout. I've walked the course once with Ryan and also Mike Dree's a local DGer who is also a part of the YMCA's Camp Arrowhead that is sorrounded by the park. They were both pretty stoke about putting the course in.

Heres the Google maps of the layout. Most of the pin and tee locations have pictures if you click on them and some even have descriptions of the holes I think. ... 4&t=h&z=15

I also got approval recently to submit a bid for a course in Perinton on 85 acres of old farm land.
By Tmart
The parks dept has no problems with the course weaving through the land that they normally rent out for graduation parties all summer? eg. butternut grove, shady's rest, mess hall and powder horn lodge?

I have spent hundreds if not thousands of hours at powder mills park over the past 10 years and my only concern is that the area you guys are proposing for the course is heavily used already on a daily basis when the weather is nice. I have a hard time imagining that they would ever let you guys put it there. Mendon Ponds park on the other hand has plenty of unused space that would be perfect for a course, is there any reason powder mills was chosen over it?
By Dave Thomas
My 2 cents...........If Mendon Ponds Park would not let the Christmas Light Show in that park a number of years you really think that they'd let DG in there? I agree that a "TERRIFIC" DG course could
be designed there,however,I would be VERY surprised if the neighbors would allow it (righly or wrongly) especially with the "trash problem" that seems to follow DGers around....Too bad tho... :roll:
By Tmart
I had not heard about the christmas light show you mentioned, that's dissapointing.

I apologize for going off topic but....

About the garbage problem - I don't even understand it. I have never seen anyone intentionally leave garbage and most disc golfers I have met don't seem like the type to litter; yet every time I frolf there is new garbage near the tee of pretty much every hole at every course. I'm not pointing any fingers but sometimes after league nights at Ellison a lot of empty PBR cans appear, I haven't played in the league yet so IDK if any of those guys are the PBR drinkers but if they are and they read this - please take your cans with you!
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By BeauRoch
Awesome job Gator. Really hope it becomes a reality.

TMart: Most if not all of the people on this forum are not the ones who are leaving the garbage. Most of us spend a great deal of time trying to keep the courses looking good. It is mostly the punk kids who don't respect anything and/or are too lazy to care - sadly.

By dreybrouck
Does anyone know what ever happend to these plans? I work right around the corner and would love to see this course put in.
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