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Course conditions, opinions and observations
By direwolf9
Has anyone put together a list similar to the one in the Chili To-Do List thread for Parma? I'll probably be playing out there this weekend, so if there are things that need done out there, I'd be happy to help.
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By walker
A few things I can think of... hole 11 (the new one) can always be cleaned up. Take branches and sticks far away from the fairway. Any other wooded type holes probably need similar treatment, but 11 is probably most in need.

Hole 5 needs the large logs in the first wooded area (near the tee) to be moved to the left, making 'walls'. This might require a lot more man power, or some machinery though.

Some holes might have weeds in them, hole 10 comes to mind. These can be taken down with a trimmer/weed whacker.
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Cutting prickers is always good too!

There are also a few trees down on hole 2 that need to be cut with a chainsaw and dragged off the hole. Not sure if the town can help with that... Ryan?
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By walker
Played Parma yesterday. It's really drying up a lot, even since last week. The wooded holes are a bit muddy still (Hole 2-5), but the grasses areas are dry and stiff. Lots of big skips.

Also there was a huge amount of ground bees. The entire length of hole 7 along the berm, and some other areas in the back 9. They were not aggressive at all.

Hole 18 on the right side has a huge nasty pricker bush.

Leaves aren't growing yet, it was nice to have summer weather with winter lines!
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By reksav
I noticed a few days ago the the basket, proper, on hole 6 had the bolt removed/snapped and is now propped up with a stick.
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