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Course conditions, opinions and observations
With the super dry summer we've had, this may be the best and only time we have a chance to get concrete tees for the Beast. These would be for the pro tees. same size as Beaver Islands'. 12' ft by 5'. Cost would be between $100 and $125 with your name on the tee sign and enternal gratitude from me. : )

Holes 1, 13, 14 and 18 are already taken. Who else may be interested? The park manager wants to see what kind of interest there is and then we may see concrete out there sometime this fall.



At this point, hold onto your money until we get the approval of the district manager. We're close with that but no need to send money until we get the final approval. My guess is that the checks will be made out the New York State Natural Heritage Fund and likley mailed to the park. But I'll have a definitive answer for as soon as I know more. Thanks again for the sponsorship! We only have nine holes left to go.


Thanks for the compliment and making me come up with a hole to pick : )

Here's what I'm thinking - GRDGC takes hole 9 and I'll get the NRDG to take hole 10 (I hope). So symbolically it brings the two clubs together. Kinda cool, kinda cheesy. But whatever.
BTW - I have not heard much from state parks, so not sure if this is going to happen this year. Either way - I will keep you posted.

Thanks again for everything!

Ryan, (And everyone else that reads this)

The project is a go for this year! I got word today from the park manager. Is there anyone else that may want to consider sponsoring a hole? I think we have six holes left. Anyone else at all interested?

Either way, I really appreciate the club's support. Thank you Ryan and company and also to Mike. There should be concrete in the ground well before the snow flies.
Here's where I stand with sponsorships for the tees. Thank you everyone who has stepped up. Only three holes remain unclaimed. If you're interested, please let me know. Thanks again everyone for your support.

Hole 1 –

Hole 2. Vinnie Kuhns

Hole 3 - Hugh Perkins 48811

Hole 4 - ?

Hole 5. GONZO

Hole 6. Bryan Kuhns

Hole 7 – Tom Rowland

Hole 8 - Michael Falconio

Hole 9. GRDGC

Hole 10 – Fingers crossed NRDG will be able to cover.


Hole 12 – Scott and Carol Alex

Hole 13 Paul Stephens

Hole 14 Justin Ernst

Hole 15 ?

Hole 16

Hole 17 - ?

Hole 18 Justin Ernst
hole 4 is now taken! Thanks everyone. When I have the amount each tee will cost, I will post it. The family and friends of Leon Carr (they run the Red Bone Classic each year in his memory) sealed the deal. Now if the course is still there after the hurricane!
thanks again everyone - Paul

(Also as of two Fridays ago, six of the tees had been poured.)
Paul did they get em all done? i know 2 weeks ago when I was there #5 was done and they were doing the back ones. With the nice weather Tom said they would be done by last week!!!!
Hey Bobby,

Sorry in the delay. Have not visited here lately. As of two weeks ago, Tom (the park manager) had 13 of 18 of the tees done. He said with any luck he would try and get the others finished before winter. I'll shoot him email tomorrow and let you know what he reports. I would like to get the white tees done as well but this is a good start. Thanks again to everyone who got behind this project!

On a side note - the park manager from Darien is going to be thinning some of the fairways. And a few tees will be moved so the course will be a bit more user friendly. I know some of the holes are too tight, but before we started this project there were no fairways at all. I would say in another two seasons, the course will play much more easy - without the fear of losing a disc on nearly hole. - Paul
Hey paul. i was there a week later and got to play off of them. Arte the trees painted blue on #10 going to be removed? Also what is his plan for the creek as far as edging it on the near side to be definitive as in or out? as for Darien Lake .....if people would realize it is a risk /reward course and played as such they would not lose discs :crazy:
"Learn how to throw better shots " Royce Racinowski

yes those trees painted blue are going to be taken out to give both 9 and 10 a more realistic line to the pin(s). Not taking out many - just a few so it's not such a throw and hope. You make a good point about about the bank on 10. That should be staked as ob on both sides. That way there will be no confusion on that hole on whether a dis is in or o.b. Thanks for that! I will have Tom (the park manager) address that next spring. While I agree with you about the Apple, it does need some trimming. Not clearcutting but just so it's not so punishing if you go off the fairway.

Talked to Tom about the other tees today and he said they will be done next spring, probably late April or sometime in May.
If you (Bobby) or anyone else has feedback or other ideas, keep throwing it my way. It can only make the courses better.

Ok move the course next door to my house :clap: :clap: :clap: :clap: !!!! As far as the Apple goes......well I took some cuse guys there and they loved it except they all took 5s or 6s on hole 1. 18 would be nice moved back and left into that cut by the treeline!!!! :thumbup:
Tee pads for the white and blue tees are on the Beast have now been completed. And the cost per hole is at the low end of spectrum from my initial posts of last year. The cost will be $100 which is completely tax deductible.) If you wish do use paypal, let me know and I will check to see how I can get that processed properly. It would likely go to me and then I would mail out a receipt from the state.

Checks can made out Natural Heritage Trust and can be mailed to:

Lakeside Beach state Park
13691 Roosevelt Hwy, Waterport, NY 14571
att: Tom Rowland

I totally want to thank everyone who stepped up to sponsor a hole. This winter we are going to be getting the tee signs done along with the sponsor signs ready for next season. You can either have your name, your company name or logo on the sponsorship sign. (like what was done at Beaver Island.)

Thanks again, Paul
Here's an update for tee pads at Lakeside: if anyone is interested in sponsoring hole 10, please let me know. thanks!

Hole 1 – - paid!

Hole 2. Vinnie Kuhns - paid!

Hole 3 - Hugh Perkins 48811

Hole 4 - in memory of Leon Carr

Hole 5. GONZO

Hole 6. Bryan Kuhns - paid!

Hole 7 – Tom Rowland

Hole 8 - Michael Falconio

Hole 9. GRDGC

Hole 10 – open - anyone interested??

Hole 11 - MARK CERRONE, INC. - paid!

Hole 12 – Scott and Carol Alex - paid!

Hole 13 Paul Stephens paid!

Hole 14 Justin Ernst - paid!

Hole 15 NRDG paid!

Hole 16 - paid!

Hole 17 - Luke Butch

Hole 18 Justin Ernst - paid!

9 paid for 9 to go. half way home! I'm trying to get the signage done and with it will go sponsor signs. If it all possible if you committed to covering the cost of tess, please send a check or money order (does anyone use those anymore?) to

Lakeside Beach state Park
13691 Roosevelt Hwy, Waterport, NY 14571
att: Tom Rowland

checks should be made out Natural Heritage Trust
thanks Ryan! many thanks to you and the club. I wish there were other state parks closer to Rochester to try and get another course in. (Yes, there is Hamlin, but that's likely a no go.)

But other things are in the works. When they come closer to actually happening, I will share the news.

Thanks again - Paul
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