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Discs, tips, bags, and baskets
By ratt@tat
I'm still trying to find a go to putter, and just wanted to get the consensus on what is the straightest putter? - and what is the most popular putter among disc golfers?
By Mudd Budd
Really, there is no "best putter"

It is all in the feel- everyone's hands are different sizes and everyone has a tactile preference.

The best way to find your favorite putter would be to try a whole bunch of different ones.

You may like a bead on the putter, you may not- large/small diameter, depth... do you like a soft putter or a stiff one?

all these will be different for each person.. Also- your putting style will dictate whether you need a more overstable putter or not.

I am not saying that I am a good putter (because I am not) but many of the best putters in the world all use different discs- It is about feel
By MattF
To each their own. I carry 5 putters in my bag, and all of them have a different use.

I've become a big putter player recently, but my go to is actually a classic Roc. People might argue this is an approach disc, but for me it feels the best in the hand. I keep two of them, because of how fast they break in. One that is flippy and will go straight and finish anhyzer if hucked, where as the other is newer and used for tight straight drives/slightly longer putts with narrow paths

I have a couple wizards, one really flexy that is my go to putter on a windy day or for shots where theres a high chance of roll away. The other is much stiffer and is perfect for slow hyzer drives/spike hyzer approach shots. The stiffer one also makes for a good emergency roller if you really get into a nasty spot near the basket. These are also my go to anhyzer putters.

And just the other day i picked up an EZE Mercy by latitude 64 that feels great in the hand. Not to soft, but not stiff. Plastic is pretty grippy and it has been amazing as my driver putter. If i put everything into it, it goes nice and straight and finishes with a slow anhyzer fade, but if toned down just slightly it will run a very long straight shot.

So really there isn't one best putter, but go to a shop and feel out a few and then give um a try. Luckily putters are pretty cheap and you can get a couple for the price of one other disc, and worst comes to worse, just trade it away for a different putter with one of your buds.

Good luck on your best putter quest :thumbup:
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