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Discs, tips, bags, and baskets
By Cannonarm2
I am gonna to get rid of over populated discs. Toooo many, over 100 discs to list, Mostly of them are brand new, non throw discs. Some of them are used. Some of them are collections, inn color stamp discs since from 2006 til couple of years ago. But there is a list of them with photos on my Facebook page. Dan Hastings can tell you some of my discs as he's on my friend list. Either contact me thru PM, or email me at for question or specific disc.

used discs-$5
brand new discs-$10
inn color stamp discs collections-$30 or up
Some rare discs- depend
some glow in dark discs- some for sale, some are not for sale.
autograph discs is not for sale
By Cannonarm2
Also you can ask Tim Campbell, or ask me to add u to my FB list to take a look at them. You wont find me thru search, so PM me and I will add u to my list. Thanks again :)
By Cannonarm2
Only discs I have are Innova and Discraft. There is over 100 discs. TOO many to list, so feel free to ask me what disc u are looking for. Star TeeRex, Champion Sidewinder, Buzzz, and Challenger FLX are not for sale because those are my favorite discs. Others than those 4 discs, are for sale.
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