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Discs, tips, bags, and baskets
By jl
Looks good,I like richard. For blank discs use any disc but dx or pro d, use acetone to get the stamp off.
By Baker
All the discs are great but those last three are awesome. Nice work Matt. :clap:
User avatar
By Jerami
A non-color Vulcan that looked like a glow disc with no glow
The first attempt... red didn't hold well
Second attempt, I tried yellow to darken the red... it did a great job of turning a non-color disc into yellow!
Finally a Dead Terrapin that can be seen
User avatar
hey, can you guys upload these pics any smaller? you're really pushing the size limit on this site!

I've already manually adjusted and re-uploaded a bunch of the original pics you guys added. You can use websites such as this: to reduce your file sizes if you don't have any other means to... Just hoping you guys can help out with this, thanks!
By discphreek
Adam I'll start taking smaller pics but since I dont know a lot about it can you suggest a size that works good on a website. Thanks.
User avatar
Sure! The two main things that affect the file size are the dimensions and the quality of the picture (if you have a nice camera, then chances are greater that it's a higher quality photo).

For frame of reference, the last image you posted was 2,592px wide, and the size was about 1.6 MB. So as a test, I ran your picture through the website I posted (using the 'normal' setting, and leaving the dimensions at the site's default 1200 x 900)... the file size went down to 75 KB!

I'd say that any image size under a 100-200 KB is just fine!
By discphreek
Some new sweet dyes from the Discphreek: I got Bob Marley on an organic wizzard from the Ice Bowl, they dye sweet. He's also on a flydye Buzz SS. The tribal spiral is on an omega and a Qmaga and I had to do something with my crystal z flx drone so it just got a blackend rim.
By discphreek
Hi Brandon, the basic equipment that I use for dying are a large frying pan large enough for a disc and about 1 to 2 inched of liquid (get a used one from salvation army you dont want to cook food in it after using it for dye) either clear contact paper get this at any department store or what I use is sign vinyl ( orcal 651) get this at Hyatts on Jefferson or the internet. You will need a dye with Disperse dye in it, some older RIT dye will work or I use I-DYE poly (it has to be the poly type) get this also at Hyatts or the internet. Cut design out on the vinyl or contact paper apply to disc. Fold excess under rim. Mix dye with 2 1/2 cups water add to pan. Heat dye to not quite bubbeling (it will start to smoke) turn down to low. Float disc in pan flight plate down. Depending on type of dye and mixture it will take between 1 and 10 min to get the desired shade. There is a wealth of knoledge on the internet with different techniques than mine, beware it takes patience and experience to get a good dye. It is also as addicting as disc golf itself. Good luck. ps. use a simple design to begain with.
By bspence627
I did some dyeing today...i ordered stencils and dye from They use iDye Poly, but it comes premixed and has to be mixed with alcohol. They came out pretty well but took alot of time and coats. i was just curious if i were to buy it at Hyatts would the mixing with alcohol still be necessary? or could i just mix with water and apply to disc. just trying to figure out the best way to apply color.
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By Jerami
If you get the iDye Poly from Hyatt's just mix it with water in a pan. Through the whole plastic pouch in and stir as it dissolves. Put the color intensifier packet in as well. This stuff works great, very quick and not much waiting.
By bspence627
do you boil it like dale suggests? i'm just trying to figure out a way to avoid a ton of coats like i had to with the premixed stuff from custom dyes.
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