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Anything disc golf related in the Greater Rochester NY area
By zog9605
So a few of you have heard talk of a new league with a team format in mind...well this is where I lay it out and see what ideas any of you may lend to the cause.

First let me preface this with the notion that match play is such a hit and we want more of naturally the team idea is in a "Ryder Cup" spirit.

Each week the team captain would write a roster to compete head to head against another team. Each team would be comprised of 4 players, and the number of teams would be dependent on group interest. It may be a four team league or a 16 team league, but I digress.

Each week we would play at a different course but would also play a different format based on the difficulty level of the course. For instance, a round at Basil may facilitate scramble format with two matches per team, where as a round at Ellison would warrant an alternate shot format with two matches per team, and then Chili could be four single matches with a number one player competing against the other number one player from another team and so on down the line.

The idea here is to stretch the limits of match play formats to maximize the fun. There could be best ball formats where we play a round of stroke play but your partner and you take the best score for the hole, like Ryder Cup play on saturdays.

The standings each week would be based on how well you fared. If there were only two matches and your team won them both you would get a point for each, if you lost you get none, if you halved, you get a 1/2 point. Just like the Ryder Cup. At the end of the season we could have a play off with any number of teams in it and have a single elimination format.

Initially I believe a party is in order to draw teams, unless of course there is already a ground swell of interested teams that are ready to go. The idea of drawing teams tho would be to ensure some degree of parity. Obviously a team with four 950 rated players is going to always win against a team with all 875ers. So I thought a preseason "draft" could be in order. Each player would be drawn from a hat based on their rating. Each team would have a 950 plus, 900 to 949, 850 to 899, 800 to 849. There could also be alternates in case of scheduling conflicts. So even if you aren't on a team, you could sub in as a ringer and still participate....maybe for different teams like a free agent. I know its crazy, but its so crazy it might just work.....

So lets hear it, thumbs up or down????
#30120, winning, not whining. Also there are no mulligans in this format. It is straight up match play. Hence the idea of the different rated players comprising the four person roster. But any given week a captain could switch up the roster and try and out fox the other team with a roster change order. Maybe the course plays into it or the head to head match ups are the reason.
I'm thinking we would start a new season with a party at Bill Gray's to pick teams and then play the first matches there after we draft. Team names wouldn't be required until the next matches or else you buy the beers.

Maybe a straight up match with like ranked players against like ranked players. Then after the round we could decide where the next match and format is before we leave.
To bad there wasnt this much interest in the Can-am cup match play this weekend. 9 teams from PA,NY,OH and for the 1st time in Cup team from Rochester. :thumbdown: How hard can it be to get 2 open,2 Am 1 Master and 1 Woman?
Well maybe with a renewed interest in this we can filed a team in the near future....we could create a league where by the winner gets a sponsorship to play at this Can-AM event next year. Or within the league standings, each player has a personal record that warrants inclusion to the Cup. We could have the differnet slots available for the teams as well

43rd Annual Rochester Flying Disc Open

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