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Anything disc golf related in the Greater Rochester NY area
Got hole 8 @chili saturday pure with a beautiful pink ice bowl buzz!
By ElvishTrampStamp
chiefstang wrote:Awesome ace, Matt. I miss that hole. If ever there was a hole that made you throw a sexy line, that's it. :thumbup:

Not anymore Sean. 16. Gone. 8. Gone.
By chiefstang
Yeah, I saw that. You gotta do what you gotta do...

Still looking forward to playing it this August!
By ElvishTrampStamp
The additions make it cooler IMO. Will always miss those holes but having new 1s to master is a plus
By awesomesauce
2nd ace today number 10 at Parma with a champ Valkyrie nothing but chains!!
By jarason
On 1/12/14 I hit #9 at Basil during Erie DG Club winter league, nice $100 ACE!

BUT TODAY I HIT #16 AT PARMA for my 5th ACE! Pure anhyzer straight out of the hand and into the chains! Definately the cleanest ace I have thrown! :D :D

Pair those with #7 at Parma last June and thats 3 within a year. Excited for this season!
User avatar
By BeauRoch
The monkey is finally off of my back...hit Chili #8 using The Claymore from Latitude 64° during the Trilogy Challenge - Saturday - June 28th.
2nd hole of the day and 2nd shot ever with that disc.
Now I have to get another since that one will not be thrown again.
By Skippy
Hit my third ace at Geneva DGC on July 6th at hole 9 longs, 310 feet pure ace with a prodigy D2 in a 10-15 mph headwind. Nailed the pole at the bottom of the basket and the chains jumped to the top. Beautiful! had 5 witnesses. It got pretty loud.
By Mudd Budd
Aced hole 13 at the shorewinds white course with a G* TL3

I think that could be the first ace on that hole ever!
By absolut watkins
Congrats to chelsea getting her first ace by canning hole 4 at oxbow yesterday! I too had an ace at oxbow with a thumber on hole 1 at oxbow... oddly enough nuef witnessed both. And he chained out for an ace! Things are crazy in these streets
By Sythie
Aced hole #16 tonight at elli in the dark. Several groups were walking in cause of the dark... I yelled four and boom!
By PL08
FINALLY got my first NY Ace Basil hole 6. Flick, skip and smashed chains. 5th overall and 3rd state!
By awesomesauce
First skip ace on hole 5 at ellison. First time throwing the disc and not my typical shot there. I threw a thumber and it bounced right into the chains!!! Ace #3
By MDiRoma
Been out of the dg loop for a while, but was warmly welcomed back with an ace on 3 at chili today during a casual round...D2 with no chains...Just a "thunk".

This was my first witnessed ace. (I hit the old Ellison 5 when I was alone a couple years ago). Having a friend to chest bump with excitement was much more satisfying... :thumbup:
By Sythie
Made one stay today on #4 gold basket today at MCC. Atta girl..
By Brownguy
Hole #1 Basil. 2nd time in 3 weeks
By mpieri
Hole #5 MCC, gold basket, sidearm Nuke. Teased it a few times and finally dunked it. . .!!
By sugarmama
I got a skip ace on hole #7 at Ellison last Thursday aaaaannnnnnddddd AGAIN yesterday :D
That makes 3 aces on one disc! Latitude 64 Gold Line Saint!
By FishyMack
Last night, 11/11/14, Ed Bower and I were playing a warm up game at Churchville prior to Glow Golf. At about 4:30 PM on Hole #8, I got MY FIRST ACE! Ching.....clean! :clap:

It was with my Glow Tern, backhand. :thumbup:

Last edited by FishyMack on Wed Nov 12, 2014 8:40 am, edited 2 times in total.
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By Sped
Alan Mack.........nice ace on hole #8 at Churchville......ching :clap:
By FishyMack
Thanks, Ed! And I am very happy to have had you as my witness. :thumbup:

And thank you too, Tony!
Last edited by FishyMack on Fri Nov 14, 2014 10:40 am, edited 1 time in total.
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I got a nice Christmas Eve present this morning, and aced hole 10 at Parma! My brother and Chris were there to witness my meteor fly the perfect anny line to the chains. The drought is over! :hooray:
By Sythie
Aced temp hole #17 at Basil last satruday during league and then aced hole #15 at basil for the second time today. Not a bad way to start the year!
By bob
Skip ace, #9 Basil 3/11/15
171 champ viking
By Havoc1
First day out in 4 months and finally got my first ace! It was a skip ace on hole 9 at Basil 3/13/15 :D :crazy: :thumbup:
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