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Historical archive of the GRDGC forum
By zog9605
My two cents.....why are so many advanced level players not playing open? At first glance you may not think you are good enuf, (and you know who you are)...but with such a small field, if more advanced switch to open, you could win cash rather than more plastic....Just sayin..... There are quite a few playing advanced that are good enuf to play in the open because you prove it every week in league play......Not bitching here just persuading some of you to man up and play for cash!!!! you might be pleasantly surprise with such a small field.....think about it
By JCE814
I dont understand why no open players are playing open...Nobody from Rochester or Buffalo really? Two of the best courses around too.
By Tony Inzana
We do have quite a few Advanced players that are really close to making the move to Pro. I think there is some hesitation to take that step to turn pro, most likely to achieve goals as an amateur, and I can't blame them. We will see a new generation of Pros coming over the next couple years I think.
By ronbo
Gotta just make the move, the only goals as an amateur are to win worlds or am nationals. Maybe throw a big A tier in there, but who knows maybe Sean, Peter, Dan and Benny have other goals. Did i forget anyone???? lol
By Tony Inzana
I turned Pro after 2001 after winning the advanced fabulous florida tour --- playing against the Florida Pros ( Climo, McCray, etc, etc.... it took me several tournamaents to even just cash as a Pro, but it definitely helped to improve my game to play Pro... you can only win so much plastic IMO... Not sure if anyone is trying to stay Am until next year, but I agree with Ron that there are several players here that can and should make the move soon if not next year.
By Tony Inzana
RFDO update !!! The intermediate men division is now playing at Parma on Saturday morning instead of at Chili(Widener Park). Registration is from 8-9 am on Ssturday 9/14. All other amateur divisions including Juniors will be playing at Chili on Saturday. We are at 102 players registered with 89 Ams and 13 pros.
By PL08
I still want to play in Am Nats and hopefully Am Doubles Championships in NC.

I am always in need of more discs. The more backups I have, the more I can be comfortable going for potential risky shots.

I'm going to 2015 pro worlds I know that!
By zog9605
Good to see the discussion. With a limited filed here I think its a chance to see how you fare and if you don't cash, you don't risk your am status., but if you do, you can always refuse cash if a larger Am event is your goal. I was thinking of playing open but now that Dan is in, I will play with the old guys. Dont want to hurt his
By D_Hastings
I agree with zog. It is great for your game to play open. I started playing in te open division in 2009 at age 17 when I was only a 950 rated golfer. I played 3 seasons in open and didn't turn pro Til after the 2011 worlds. Playing pro doesn't mean you can't be an am anymore. Do NOT rush into turning pro but don't be afraid to test the waters. Especially at the smaller tournies where there is less competition.
By PL08
All Pro divisions and Intermediate Men are at Parma Saturday

All Am divisions (minus Intermediate Men) will be at Chili Saturday.

8-9am is Registration
9:15 is players meeting
9:45pm tee off

Zach Morrison and I will be getting you signed up at Chili
Tony Inzana will be handling Parma

Glad to see all the buzz for this weekend!
By Brownguy
Right on Zog!!!! I only got to be an Am for 3 weeks. I got my butt handed to me so the goal was to get better. The only difference between 1st and the rest of the field is mistrakes. The more open tournys you play you will see where your mistakes are.
By NikkiD
swade0103x wrote:Are the Tee positions for each division set in stone? If so, where will each division be teeing off from each day? Thanks

mcicotta wrote:Where will rec be throwing from?

...just sayin'...
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By reksav
Dan if there's not enough players I'll gladly play up and show you how to really have a good time in a tourny!
By PL08
NikkiD wrote:
swade0103x wrote:Are the Tee positions for each division set in stone? If so, where will each division be teeing off from each day? Thanks

mcicotta wrote:Where will rec be throwing from?

...just sayin'...

Seemed to missed this post sorry all and thanks Nikki!

Everyone will be playing from the Cement tees at both courses. For mcicotta I thought you were referring to what course. Just under 36 hours until tee time of the 39th Annual RFDO!!!

Reminder Pros and intermediate Men are at Parma Saturday.
All Ams (minus intermediate men) are at Chili Saturday.
By Tony Inzana
Thanks Peter for the update --- Sonny's will be delivering food for lunch to both courses on Saturday and to Chili on Sunday. There will be order forms at registration both mornings. We will take payment, call in the order and your food/drink will be there for lunch. These guys have great food so order up and stay put during the lunch hour instead of having to leave and find food.
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