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Cats needing a home

Anything non disc golf related

Cats needing a home

Postby BeauRoch » Wed Aug 6, 2014 8:39 pm

Recently, we had a small family of cats (mom and two kittens) move into our backyard.
They won't let us get close to them but we have been feeding them.
We have three cats now and can't possibly take them in but we don't want them to stay un-fixed so we are going to try to catch them and get them fixed. We would also like for them to have a home before winter.

We are looking for somebody who would try to socialize them so they could have a home or let them have the run of their barn to keep rodents in check.
The mom has helped us keep our rabbit problem in check (baby rabbits) so she is a hunter.
Keep in mind that this is all predicated on us catching them but it would be nice to line up one or more families who are willing to help out if we can accomplish this.

Send me a PM if you have any interest.



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