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New Am Worlds Meeting format

About the 2011 PDGA Amateur World Championships

New Am Worlds Meeting format

Postby Tony Inzana » Tue Nov 16, 2010 4:09 pm

It was decided at the most recent club meeting that we need to start dividing and conquering, in regards to the Am Worlds. We have been having monthly meetings and the attendance has continued to decline and we are not accomplishing much during that one monthly meeting. I have proposed and offered up my time to come up with 3 separate groups/committees meeting once a month and then also have a monthly overall Worlds meeting. I am willing to schedule these meeting either on a Sunday or Monday evening. I would like to keep the monthly meeting on the 1st sunday of the month at 7pm at the Wintonairre restaurant. The owners of that establishment want to be involved and help us with the worlds in whatever way they can.

We just had a meeting yesterday with Adam Brennan, Gene, Ryan and myself. The meeting was in front of our computers designing the Am Worlds website and anything else computer related. The meeting went very well and you will be seeing a new website up and running very soon. We plan on meeting monthly on the 2nd Monday of the month which will be the week after the monthly Worlds meeting.

There are two other weeks/groups that I would like to meet with. I vote to pick the 3rd weekend, again either sunday or monday, whichever works best with the group, to be a meeting of the course supervisors. The 4th weekend of the month, I would then like a group to get together for media, volunteers, sponsors and publicity.

Please find a way to invest into one of these groups. I am asking for 2 nights a month thru the next few months, many of those months it is too dark to play at night. We need to get all of these issues done and in the works before Springtime and more coursework starts. Please contact me and let me know if you want to join one of these meeting groups so that you can have a voice in the worlds next year. ANY and ALL help is appreciated !!!
Tony Inzana
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