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LOST 2 Prodigy Drivers @ the farm of apples

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LOST 2 Prodigy Drivers @ the farm of apples

Postby ElvishTrampStamp » Fri Jun 28, 2013 3:04 pm

1st practice drive of the day resulted in my green D4 (yes, green, i know im a dumbass) somewhere in the nipple-deep grass. looked to be between 1's basket & 2's tee--or--might've gone into the waist-deep grass behind & to the right of 1's basket.

my other, the blue D1 i had up until 18's drive. it's in the deep stuff to the right of 18 fairway. from the tee i could see where it should have been but our last hole was 1 so it was pretty dark then.

would greatly appreciate either returned. i have tons of lightly used plastic to reward with or will gladly dye a disc for someone in return :D :D :D
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