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Changes at Shore Winds White

Course conditions, opinions and observations

Changes at Shore Winds White

Postby Timeetyo » Thu May 29, 2014 2:45 pm

I was at Shore Winds White course yesterday and noticed some changes. I'm curious if anyone knows what all is planned for these changes. Here is what I noticed:

Hole 11:
- Pin moved back and to the right on the path towards 12. Now plays a little longer and slightly L > R. I hope they bring in some more fill for right behind the pin. Just a few feet long and you are in the swampy stuff.

Hole 12:
- Moved red tee to the left. Initial impression is it makes it easier to 2 with a slight turning shot then fade and a great putt. No other changes.

Hole 17:
- Moved the pin ~40' to the right on the right side of the tree now, on the edge of what was the high grass (with a new circle mowed around it). Doesn't change the hole much, although it does (slightly) take the OB in front of the pin easier to avoid. They haven't moved the stakes for OB circles, but the fairway is also mowed slightly different and the left most OB circle is completely in the rough now. Overall this hole seems to play much the same and the change is curious considering the change to 18.

Hole 18:
- Big changes here. The pin is now tucked away in the woods (basically straight up the fairway from the red tee). It is a very low area of the woods where it is placed and they filled in a path ~10' wide. Hopefully there is much more fill coming as you are in the muck if you are 2' long or 5' to either side. One thing I don't like is the combination of this move with the moved pin on 17. You now are throwing further right than before and the hole has moved enough that I could definitely see an errant shot flying over/through 17s pin. But...with that said - I LOVE the change to how 18 plays now and it is now much more interesting.
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