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Adopt a Hole

Course conditions, opinions and observations

Adopt a Hole

Postby Dissced » Fri Oct 26, 2012 8:57 am

Winter will be upon us shortly and all the trash on area courses will be covered in a blanket of snow. Before that happens why not carry a plastic shopping bag to your favorite course and fill it up? If every club member picked one hole at their favorite course and kept that hole clean how nice would that be. The club at the end of each year could post pics of holes kept particularly cared for and recognize those who did the work. Rochester already has the best courses in the state why not make them the cleanest and the best maintained.
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Re: Adopt a Hole

Postby FishyMack » Fri Oct 26, 2012 1:48 pm

Two days ago I bought a jogging stroller off Craig's List, the main reason being so I could carry other peoples' litter off disc golf courses. On the way home I stopped at Chili and played 1 - 9 and filled up my new stroller with trash! The first 9 holes are clean! Yesterday I played Churchville and picked up all the litter there, too. After work today I am going to Sawyer park and pick that up as well.

I wish people could remember the simple phrase, "If you carry it in, carry it out." Containers weigh so much less when they are empty, why do people litter? My answer to that problem is, if I see someone litter they should eat it! That should be a law!

FishyMack, the Eco-Terrorist
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