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Lost Ducks at Ellison hole seven

Course conditions, opinions and observations

Lost Ducks at Ellison hole seven

Postby DougL » Wed May 23, 2012 8:37 pm

Just before teeing off on seven, I saw little creatures walking south about even with basket six. At that distance, it was just a blur, but in my mind it was like a scene from a kid's story book, The Ugly Duckling. I just had to walk out there, and soon it was clear that there really was a line of seven adorable baby ducks following mamma who knows where. I was able to walk right behind them about ten feet. I didn't want to press my luck with mamma by getting closer.

I had made it nearly back to the tee when I noticed them stopping in the middle of nine. The nearest group of people was on hole four I think. The place was pretty empty otherwise, but still not a bad idea to encourage the ducks to keep moving. I walked all the way over, and mamma didn't even start moving till the sweet little babies were freaking out as I got about five feet away. They took shelter at the first tiny little patch of wilderness by the next tree.

There was no sign of them when I came by a few minutes later.

I hope they find their way back to where they belong!
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