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even newer state update

Anything disc golf related in the Greater Rochester NY area

even newer state update

Postby paul2432 » Mon Sep 16, 2013 11:50 pm

Here's the same post from NRDG:

Feel free to comment or ask questions.

New state update
Lakeside Beach:
The Beast has concrete on both the whites and the blues.
The White Course: concrete for the white tees will be poured for the front nine perhaps by the end of this week. And I think I have finally worked the kinks out of the back nine. Designing woods holes is far harder than I ever imagined!

The Angry Apple - looking to do an Apple Armageddon event either Oct. 5th or 6th. Leaves will be off many of the bushes and trees. More details to follow. No football game that weekend.

Removing hole 1. Course will soon start on the west side of the parking lot near the beach. New hole 1. will play along the row of willows and creek. Second hole will be a short one that finishes on top of the mound that stretches along the back of the parking lot and current hole 18. Then hole 18 becomes hole 3 and the course - for now follows the same till the last hole up the parkway and the first one heading back. They will will be pulled.(think that's 10 and 11). Then the new hole 18 will finish kind of in the open near the baseball diamond that's never used. This is not the end design but I wanted to get a start on a re-design before the end of the season.

Beaver - still trying find out who butchered those bushes on hole 8. Any info would be very much appreciated. Hoping to start a Sunday's league but my life has been "complicated" lately.

Also, at each of these parks, they will be selling State Sponsored dx plastic with new new players or rec players in mind. Each disc is $8 for a driver (roc) and putter for $15. Anytime anyone buys plastic at a park the money they make off the discs or bags goes back into the course. Both Evangola and Darien have had a decent number of discs sold. Beaver Island had a record year of selling discs. And they are about to do a new design and order another 100 discs. Thank you for anyone who has snagged a disc or two. It makes me look like I knew what I was talking about when I suggested they would sell. Seriously thank you. Thanks! Paul
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