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Course SSA info, results?

About the 2011 PDGA Amateur World Championships

Course SSA info, results?

Postby Spinthrift » Mon Jul 18, 2011 9:24 am

Are there SSA numbers for the courses we are playing? I've looked at PDGA, DGCR, etc. and can't find anything. What PDGA tournaments have been played on which courses in the past year or so? I saw "RFDO" referred to, but don't know what that means or what month it was in.

Thanks for your help. I'm really looking forward to being there.
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Name: Jim Banbury

Re: Course SSA info, results?

Postby Doug Corea » Mon Jul 18, 2011 10:50 am

Jim - RFDO (Rochester Flyng Disc Open), originally AFDO (American) is oldest running Disc GOLF event! Starting in 1974 with brand new car put up by Inaugural Class (1993) Hall of Famer Jim Palmeri (my 7th grade science teacher).

Genesee Valley (temp course) was used this year (should be in today or tomorrow), only stats would be from that one day (2 rounds). It has plenty of OB!

Ellison (hilly, waterless) is probably the easiest of the course along with Churchville (flat) (was the easiest, but has been toughened and lenghtened and I haven't seen the redesign, it was used for a one day preview event). A good score (@1000 rated or higher) on Ellison in normally, calm conditions would be 50, give or take 1 stroke.

Basil (entirely wooded, technical course designed by me) will also play to a par 57, a good score (@1000) would be 53 (+-1 stroke).

Parma is the hardest course with a good mix of woods, open, water, and elevation. It was used this year as preview event,also last year (RFDO), I think.

Chili has matured nicely since we put it in 1995, plays to a par 58, I would rate it (2 or 3 stokes) easier than Parma, maybe a 54 would get you around 1000. It is usually our windiest course.

Jim - Ellison and Chili were our only permanent courses back in 1999 when Ron Russel PDGA #9999 ended Ken "THE KING" Climo's 9 year PRO WORLDS win streak!

I know there is course rating info out there, maybe Tony (Worlds TD) or someone else can chime in.

Disc-gracefully yours,
Doug Corea PDGA #304
Doug Corea
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Name: Doug Corea

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