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The editor of "DiscGolfer" needs help!

About the 2011 PDGA Amateur World Championships

Re: The editor of "DiscGolfer" needs help!

Postby BeauRoch » Fri Jan 21, 2011 4:03 pm

Best lunch spot downtown - O'Bagelos (165 State Street, Rochester NY)(best sandwiches in Rochester)
Best Pub (small category) - Tap & Mallet (381 Gregory St. Rochester, NY)
Best Pub (large category) - Distillery (various Rochester, NY)
Best local something of interest: downtown waterfall at High Falls District
Best non-disc golf activity:
    Seneca Park Zoo
    Museum of Play
    SeaBreeze Park
    George Eastman House
Local Tip: Check out the beach at Charlotte
Best BBQ: Sticky Lips (625 Culver Road,Rochester, NY) or Dinosaur (99 Court Street,Rochester, NY)
Best Steaks: Black and Blue (3349 Monroe Avenue, Rochester, NY 14618)
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Re: The editor of "DiscGolfer" needs help!

Postby walker » Fri Jan 21, 2011 5:45 pm

not really a pub...but I think the flagship MacGreggor's in Henrietta should get a mention.

Best place for live music: Waterstreet (big), Lovin' Cup Bistro (small). Maybe Bugjar.

Best Pizza: Stromboli Express (downtown), Guida's

Cheap movies: dollar theater-Cinemark Movies 10 2609 West Henrietta Road
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Re: The editor of "DiscGolfer" needs help!

Postby joedude » Fri Jan 21, 2011 6:52 pm

I'm gonna have to plug the neighborhood establishments...

Caverley's Irish Pub on South Ave for a pub...no tv's leads to good conversation

agreed on bbq

is letchworth to far to mention for nice views? especially in summer. locally, highland park is great and durand eastman park... or even GVP since a course will be there.

hidden gem: pat's coffee mug on s. clinton. who wants 2 eggs, meat, potatoes, and pancakes for under $3? everyone. only before 10:45am though.. weird
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Re: The editor of "DiscGolfer" needs help!

Postby Dave Thomas » Fri Jan 21, 2011 11:37 pm

Mention "Wegmans"...........in 1999 the wives and families fell in love with the place! Also,helps with hole sposorships.....Royce has an "in" with Danny Wegman...used to be his chaffeur (sp.).......maybe still is.....
Dave Thomas
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Re: The editor of "DiscGolfer" needs help!

Postby jl » Sat Jan 22, 2011 7:40 am

dickies is a good place for cocktails and bar food. james brown place on winton for breakfast.
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Re: The editor of "DiscGolfer" needs help!

Postby mjoe25 » Sun Jan 23, 2011 3:48 pm

Tap and mallet, macgreggors, distillery, acme, lovin cup, lux jeramiahs, oxfords, murphy's law, J.B quimby's, anchor bar, Flight wine bar, tony D's, Wegmans(next door), highland diner, dogtown, Durfs, Jines, charlies frog pond, dinosaur BBQ, perri's pizza, northside inn, look ah hookah, stathallan, richardsons canal house any of the restaurants at village gate, royal dynasty chinese restaurant in webster, java's, agatina's, rorbach's. I sure there are more good places I just can't think of anymore right now. im not as fimiliar with the west side.

views: cobbs hill, woodcliffe. hedge's, hole 7 ellison park.

Local tip: don't bother with any of the places on st paul, especially on weekends near Liquid.

best steak: max's chophouse/at eastman, peter geuyer, and black and bleu all decent. but the best steak in rochester/best resaurant in rochester is Tournedos at the broadway inn downtown. only place that dry ages thier own steaks.
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Re: The editor of "DiscGolfer" needs help!

Postby zog9605 » Wed Jan 26, 2011 7:10 pm

Within 40 min drive of Ellison Park, there are Hemlock and Canandice Lakes, that in the summer are beautiful family destinations after a couple rounds of golf. From Henrietta and the hotels its even closer; down route 390 to the Lakeville exit then follow 20A to Hemlock. (Also dinner at Ember Wood Fire Grill on the way is phenomenal)...Any computer can google map the area for direct roads, but the serene and undeveloped lakes offer a view and landscape unfettered with development, a truly amazing place so close to home. Litterally no house are on the water and its like being in the mountains.... just my two cents. Or Letchworth. Or Ontario Beach Park in Charlotte...if its a hot summer, thats always impressive with the piers and lighthouse...
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Re: The editor of "DiscGolfer" needs help!

Postby DeafDiscGolfer » Thu Jan 27, 2011 7:23 pm

Could mentioned a bit about RIT having its own DG club. Something for future young disc golfers to attend to and families to check out various college options like U of R, MCC, etc.

Also Rochester is one of the largest deaf population (and not enough local deaf DGers!) cities in the world.

Just a thought. :thumbup:

Too bad, that I might miss out Chili Cookout for the second time in a row. :cry:
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