Upcoming Events

Apr 4

Course Workday

MCC - 9 AM to Noon

Apr 13

GRDGC Club Meeting

Bill Gray's (MCC) - 7 PM

Everyone is welcome!

May 9

The Battle at Arrowhead II

May 17

2 Disc Challenge

Basil - 9 AM



10th Annual
Great Chili Cookout



Webster Arboretum Event

Details TBA

June 13

ADK Expo

Volunteers Needed

June 27

Trilogy Challenge

Chili - 9 AM



Shenanigans at Shorewinds

Shorewinds - Details TBA

2015 NYS Event Schedule

Millennium Games - Over 1,000 discs!




Gonzo Disc Golf


 Monroe County Sports




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First Offense 

Second Offense 

Third Offense 

1 month ban

6 month ban

1 year or permanent ban



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